Meet Constable Beth Villarreal

Constable Beth Villarreal

Constable Beth Villarreal

My name is Beth Villarreal. I am the Dallas County Constable for Precinct 5. I hope to have earned your trust and confidence during my two terms. With your continued support, we can continue with what we’ve started in making and maintaining a difference.

From personal experience as a former police officer, former deputy constable and now as your current Constable, I still believe in the importance of responsive and trustworthy law enforcement.

I witnessed first hand the importance of serving diverse communities in our precinct – which include Hispanic, African-American, LGBT and people from across party lines – each with their own community and culture. I continue to use my law enforcement and former corporate business experience to improve performance and accountability in the Precinct 5 constable’s office and on the streets.

I believe leadership starts at the top with a Constable who is dedicated to her duties and performs them effectively and efficiently. I am committed to community service, professionalism, integrity and trust. I will continue to promote and encourage these same qualities within the staff of the constable’s office.

As your Constable, I lead this office with dedication and commitment. To build and restore relationships between the public and the constable’s office. A relationship of which we can all be proud.

PLEASE VOTE Beth Villarreal in the Democratic Primary March 6, 2018 and together we will continue to reclaim, rebuild and restore our community.

Thank You,

Beth Villarreal
Your Constable in Precinct 5