Eight Years of Progress

Constable Beth VillarrealI am proud of the progress made over the last 8 years, but my goal remains unchanged: to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Precinct 5 Constable’s office to provide the best possible service to the public.

When I took office on July 14, 2010. I had a general idea of what to expect, but I had to take office before I could fully identify items needing attention and resolution. Once I reviewed the status of the office as a whole, I realized that two major concerns were the appearance of no accountability and inefficiency.

As Precinct 5 Constable, it is my job to challenge myself and the staff to most effectively execute our duties and responsibilities. To that end, we audit our performance and collaborate with staff, the public, and other constables’ offices to maintain accountability, and to continuously improve and innovate.

Below is a list of identified issues and the steps taken to rectify them.

Constable Beth Villarreal
Precinct 5, Dallas County, Texas

Highlights of the Last Eight Years

  • Prioritized Civil Process by making Civil Process a priority of the Constable’s office.
  • Avoided costly lawsuits to Dallas Taxpayers by stopping the mishandling, abuse, and complaints of the Constable’s office.
  • Joined forces with State Reps in tackling Human Trafficking in Dallas Co.
  • Tackled Domestic Violence and Bullying in our communities.
  • Tackled the ridiculous Warrant backlog left by my 3 previous predecessors.
  • Rebuilt trust between the Constable’s office and the public,
  • Tackled under-age sales of tobacco products in our community,
  • Brought Pct. 5 into compliance. By maintaining accurate records in our auditing department.
  • Implemented Standard Operating Procedures and Practices.
  • Cleaned up the mishandling of this office from 14 years prior to my tenure.
  • Managed an annual budget of 1.4 million dollars without going over.
  • Restored the public’s trust.
  • Built working relationships with other Law Enforcement agencies and Dallas County elected officials.
  • Restored Morale and Integrity in Pct.5.

Following are details of some of the items listed above

Identified issues and their resolution

Research policies in place at the time I took office

After determining that many policies and procedures would have to be revamped, we conducted full and complete audits of the Precinct 5 Constable’s office.

Staff audit

Through our staff audit, we determined that most personnel files were incomplete.

All personnel files are  now complete, up to date, and comply with Texas standard and requirements. For example, we did not know which staff members had completed required training, including firearms qualifications. All staff members have now fulfilled their training requirements and their personnel files have been noted.

We have implemented procedures to keep personnel files and staff training complete and up to date.

We created and implemented a Matrix System (Disciplinary Chart). This increased performance, professional conduct and accountability.

Standard Operating Procedures

We created and established an S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedures) for the Constable’s office which have established consistency in day to day operations.

Time and attendance audit

We determined sick Leave during 2009 and 2010 had been abused. Although this occurred during the previous administration, all officers whose records indicated abuse of this policy received immediate counseling.

Computers, desks, and phones for each officer

The office had only two computers available for the use of our officers. This meant deputies had to wait in line to use them. We organized the equipment in the office and were able provide each officer with a desk, phone, and computer to  research their warrants and civil process, and to enter warrants in a timely manner. Having their own phone allows officers to contact defendants and plaintiffs.

As a result, we reduced the time wasted while officers waited to use essential tools  and increased productivity by 50%.

Implemented Warrant Notification Post Card program

Due to the recent Reduction in Force, Precinct 5 lost 16 deputies. After meeting with the Truancy Judge and other colleagues, we implemented a Warrant Notification Postcard for Truants which reduced the number of outstanding truancy warrants in Precinct 5.

Constable Villarreal has recently met with Justice of the Peace Juan Jasso and is now working with staff to implement similar procedures for all other warrants in Precinct 5.

Safety and Security

Constable Villarreal is a collaborative partner with Judge Roberto Cañas (County Criminal Court #10) on his Violence against Women Awareness Board.

Constable Villarreal has also joined forced with the Dallas Police Department and State Representative Rafael Anchia’s Task Force in a combined effort to reduce the amount of sexually oriented businesses in Dallas, while focusing attention on human trafficking and the exploitation of under aged women in our communities.

She also created working relationships and partnerships with Homeland Security, HIDTA, D.A’s office, Dallas Police and other surrounding agencies to improve the overall safety and security of Precinct 5.

Communications and Outreach

Constable Villarreal implemented an Explorer Post and an Annual Constable for a Day program, both of which provide career orientation experience, leadership opportunities, and encourage students to become productive members and leaders in their community. Both of these are firsts for any Dallas County constable’s office.

Constable Villarreal has implemented a constituent services website to make it easier for constituents to communicate with her office, find information, and access services. This website is located at ConstableBethVillarreal.com.